Susan Hatch Davis

State Representative
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"Susan Hatch Davis is a strong voice for Vermonters. She is a fighter for rural schools, working families, the elderly and the poor. Let's send her back to Montpelier to continue the fight"
- U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Dear Neighbor,

I am running for State Representative because I've been watching Montpelier lately and I am tired of shaking my head. I am an independent voice and will speak loud and clear for working families.

I am eager to return to Montpelier to tackle the hard work of the next legislative session. I have lived my whole life in this area and I have raised my family here. For decades I have been an involved resident: volunteering in the school, my church, and at local events. Plus, I worked for 30+ years as a state employee.

I am motivated to run because it seems the voice of working families, loggers, rural teachers, school board members and those of us who live paycheck to paycheck is needed.

Where is the outcry to fix our inflated property taxes? Why can't we have meaningful health care reform? Why is it people working full time still cannot afford their basic needs? Why aren't we doing more to help small local businesses and small local farmers and loggers? Why aren't we listening to our local school boards? Why can't our rural folks find affordable housing?

I don't pretend I can solve all these problems. But if you elect me I promise I will work my hardest to get answers. I believe these are the priorities of our communities and I think we deserve representatives who will work diligetly to seek solutions.

I will listen to your concerns work across party lines, and speak out for legislation that is right for all of us. Vote for me and together we'll demand answers to the tough questions we face.

I believe all Vermonters deserve:

  • Affordable taxes
  • A good job
  • Health care
  • A livable wage
  • A Strong Voice in Montpelier
  • Social, economic, and environmental justice
  • Broadband access
  • Energy solutions that work for all Vermonters
  • Fair education funding

I am ready to return to Montpelier and work tirelessly to build support for these important issues. I will make sure the voice of working Vermonters (families, single mom and dads, older workers, loggers, farmers and unemployed and transitioning workers) is included in all solutions. With your help I'll bring common sense to Montpelier.

- Susan Hatch Davis