Susan Hatch Davis

About Susan

I am the only woman in the race in Orange 1; as a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother I know the economic and social challenges our families and communities face. As a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and volunteer I know we must find ways to attract and keep our young adults right here in our Vermont communities.

I am a:

  • Retired State Employee
  • Life long district resident
  • Member and trustee of East Orange Church and School house
  • Community Volunteer
  • Facilitator for Waits River Valley School (WRVS) Act 46 Alternative Governance Structure committee

I was the lead sponsor of several bills and co-sponsor of many other bills. Here is a list of the bills I was the Lead Sponsor of:

  • H.0432, An act relating to prevailing wages
  • H.0433, An act relating to establishing a livable wage
  • H.0434, An act relating to local control of the public education system and to the relative powers of school districts and supervisory unions
  • H.0435, An act relating to teaching the history of organized labor and the collective bargaining process
  • H.0499, An act relating to regulation and taxation of marijuana
  • H.0627, An act relating to the establishment of the 10 Percent for Vermont Program
  • H.0845, An act relating to allowing certain employees who exercise law enforcement powers to receive an early retirement allowance equal to their normal retirement allowance
  • H.0491, An act relating to a single-payer health care system